Get the lowdown on life at Mueller Lofts.

Q: When will the apartments be ready to move into?

A:  Between June 1st and June 15th, 2018

Q:  Will you allow pets?

A:  Yes!  We will develop some common sense rules but we fully intend to allow well-behaved dogs and cats of all weights. We even built a dog-wash station to make it easier for residents.   Pets are a part of what makes a community whole!

Q:  Will I have access to the roof?

A:  Every resident will have access to the roof.  There’s an awesome rooftop with a great view of downtown.  We also have an interior garden, which will be a great space for reading, entertaining and sitting by the fireplace to stay warm.

Q:  Do residents pay utilities?

A:  We pay sewer, trash and water.  You pay for electricity and gas.  Each unit is separately metered.

Q:  How do I see floorplans and layouts?

A:  Visit The Lofts page here and check out the Floor Plans section.

Q:  Do you have 1 bedroom apartments?  2 bedrooms?  3 bedrooms?

A:  Yes, Yes and Yes!

Q: What's the cost?

A: It depends on the unit and the size. The pricing ranges from $1075 to $2150. There's a wide array of units and a ton at different price points in-between this range. Rent includes water and sewer charges. Contact us for specific unit pricing.

Q: What are your internet providers?

A: We have worked with Snip Internet for our previous projects and they are great. Snip is less expense then other providers and the internet is way faster. You can read more about them here:

Q:  How long will leases last?

A:  One year. After a year, if everything is going well, we can go month to month with 60 days notice if you prefer the flexibility.

Q: Are the windows operable?

A:  Yes!  Every unit has operable windows in order to let in the fresh air

Q:  How can I get on your wait-list?

A:  Fill out our Contact Form here

Q:  Will you have building security?

A:  First, know Asiatown is one of the safest neighborhoods in Cleveland, filled with home-owners and engaged residents who know their neighbors.  We will have 10 cameras all around the site and the parking lots. We also have an intercom system at the doors which you can unlock with your cellphone as well as an on-site manager who lives in the building.